Mural sculpture, sculptures, drawings, engravings.

My work is the result of my thoughts, feelings and intuitions. It is natural and effortless. It just emerges and flows.

I play with geometric and organic shapes to create three-dimensional shapes where lights, shadows and colour lead us to discover various dialogues.

In many of my works, I create optical illusions where you can discover a play on dual effects, hidden objects, interactions, all intentionally conceived to awaken all your senses.

I hope that you interact with my work, surprise yourself, find out and live an experience.



She follows her impulses, stands out, contributes to the already oversaturated world of contemporary art. The work of Cinta Provinciale is a breath of fresh air that avoids any attempt at labeling. Even her signature has a differentiating element: a golden symbol representing a crown, an emblem of excellence and perfectionism this artist displays. An author whose artistic and vital maturity coincide.

Visual Games

Her first rule is to differentiate herself from the rest. For that reason, she chooses wall sculpture, attracted by the relief and volume that plastic art allows. She admits she has been interested by this type of artistic expression and its many possibilities since she was sixteen. Most of her early works are medium and large format. These volumetric murals are made of assembled wood cutouts that are painted in a laborious work where every detail is taken care of. Cinta Provinciale is precise in finishes and completion. Sculpture is the base for each piece. In her early works there are references to kinetic art mainly and to other art movements, such as constructivism. Tesselated figures that make up playful shapes and visual games that remind us of her admired Escher.

Colour is one of this artist’s great allies. In her creative universe, there are monochromatic pieces in muted tones or bichromatic ones in black and white, and other pieces in fluorescent tones. Cool colours, mainly grey and blue, are some of the most frequently used.

In her work, there is no social message, no expression of feelings, there is no why. It is an hundred percent intuitive work, contemplative, with a lot of movement. Her work is not based on feelings, it us much more whimsical. Circles, curves and hypnotic waves that explore space and surface.

We are in the presence of an artist with a marked personality.

Patricia Mir, curator, art critic and art journalist.